attacke (Raspberry) Pi: First Start

Today I bought the missing parts for my R-Pi. A 32GB SDHC Card, a power adapter and a fan filter instead of a fan grid (just because the electronic store didn't had one left).

I bought this SD card from SanDisk, because it was the cheapest of them all with 32GB in the store.
The R-Pi cannot read much faster than 20MB/s, so it's unimportant if you use a super fast UHS SDHC card or a normal one. Just make sure it has Class 10 and all should be fine, since these cards are backward compatible.

The power adapter has 1,2A and 5V. Enough for a R-Pi.

I prepared an IDE cable connector for the fan and installed it on the R-Pi GPIO.

It worked! But it was too loud (and a bit ugly too) for my opinion. Maybe I'll put a resistor on it to slow it down and make it less noisy. Until then it will work without the fan.

After the case was ready I configured the SD card and installed Raspbian.

So far so good.