Smartphones & Sonnenenergie

Aus Langeweile komme ich des Öfteren auf neue kleinere Hobbies die ich ausprobieren will. Bei einem Bier mit Freunden kam ich 2012 auf das "Little Astronaut Project" welches ich kurze Zeit später in die Tat umgesetzt habe.

Nicht immer werden aus Ideen die mir bei Langeweile kommen größere Projekte. Meistens sind es Kleinigkeiten wie ein Lego Case für den Raspberry Pi, oder, wie vor kurzem, die Smartphones in meinem Haushalt nur noch mit Sonnenenergie zu laden.

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my Toolbox


Macbook Air 13". I'm not an Apple lover in general, but for my job a Macbook makes my life a bit easier.
- Macbook wired Keyboard
- Second Screen
- Some Smartphones
- Some Tablets

Atom Editor
I started using Atom instead of Sublime Text 2 because of the Git implementation and a better package manager.

After several years I finally switched from Firefox to Chrome as my first Dev Browser because finally the Chrome inspection tool is better than Firebug.
- Chrome
- Firefox
- Safari

Version Control
- Git. I also worked with SVN, but Git is much better, end of the story.
- Tower2 is a really nice GUI Git client
- BitBucket is where I upload my repositories. Why? Because of unlimited private projects!

- Transmit4, so far the best FTP client for me. I used cyberduck for years, but it wasn't as smart as Transmit
- Mamp
- Ghostlab offers you a very easy way to synchronize your web project on all your devices
- Photoshop, of course!
- Ruby, I can work with ruby and ruby on rails, not as good as I do frontend, but I can do it!
- NodeJS, ironically I'm not as deep into JS (backend) development as I (maybe) should be as a frontend developer (side note, I don't think that a frontend developer is the same as an javascript developer). I only use NodeJS for stuff like Grunt, Gulp and other things which requires NodeJS.
- Digitalocean, I'm not a specialist in server stuff. But since I played around with my raspberry pi, I'm able to deploy my projects (nodejs, rails, pure html). And the guys from Digitalocean really made my life easier with their product!
- Tyme is a neat time tracking tool for Mac and iOS.
- Hipchat (for some clients)

Portal Sentry Turret

I played a bit with css3 keyframes and html5 audio tags.
Since I'm a gamer, I decided to create this Sentry Turret from the famous game Portal or Portal2.


Zonked - "Let's Make A Deal" Fun Sound App

Some years ago I built an Android fun app with pure HTML, CSS and Javascript together with Phonegap.
Graphics and design was made by Patrick Schneider.

It's just a "ZONK" sound from the famous TV show "Let's make a deal!" (in Germany known as "Geh aufs Ganze!")

Download it here for free.
(you need to allowing app installs from "unknown sources")

The Best Byte Is The One You Don't Load

I was shocked as I checked my website on performance for the first time. More than eight seconds until it was fully loaded. I knew the code behind it wasn't super clean or tidy, it was my first big javascript project and I was at the very beginning of my frontend developer career. But at the end of a day, there were always other important things to do, than refactoring this code. So it took more than two years to take the day to get this finally done.

This was the status:

The top scores were:
  • 81 initial HTTP requests (HTML, CSS, JS, Images and yes, even Flash)
  • 913 KB Images
  • 41 W3C Errors
  • Document completed 5,51s 
Find the old version here:

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My top 4 motivational films

Sometimes I have a lack of motivation. I'm very proud about what I've reached in my life so far. And I'm deeply grateful about all the good things which happened to me. But still there are moments when I'm reflective and the "I can do it" feeling is nearly gone.

"I want to have so much money, that I don't have to care about money anymore".
In most cases the reason of a motivational lack for me is money. I'm only at the beginning of my career and not getting "the big money". That means, that every little accident causes a huge impact on my bank account.

In those moments, a good film, a song or even a book can bring back my motivation. That I can believe again, that someday I don't have to be that fussy with my money anymore.

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Today I received a package from TNT shipping service. I was wondering. It couldn't be the W-Lan-Repeater I ordered because the package was too thin to contain it. I opened the package and was still wondering. "A book?". But then I noticed the authors name "Dave Wood"!

I finally received my copy of the book "Interface Design - An Introduction To Visual Communication In UI Design" where the old version of my website ( is an example of "innovative and successful" user experience.

I'm very proud to be a part of a printed book again! Thanks you Dave Wood.


I'm ashamed that I've noticed it only now, but there is another little project in this book which was made by me. The parallax camera view:

attacke (Raspberry) Pi: Cool Stuff

The R-Pi ran hotter as I installed nginx, rvm and other programs. So I had to think again about the fan. My wonderfull Android App "RasPi Check" showed me that the temperature was about 49°C - 52°C as ruby 2.1.0 was compiling. So I had to think about the fan again.

After I tried to figure out a way to remote controll the fan via the GPIO, I noticed that there is a 3.3V output beside the 5V output. I don't had to solder a resistor on it to slow it down, yay! But I wanted a switch to turn the fan on or off manually, as long as I don't know how to do it with the GPIO (and I had a switch left in my solder-box. And, because I can).

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attacke (Raspberry) Pi: First Start

Today I bought the missing parts for my R-Pi. A 32GB SDHC Card, a power adapter and a fan filter instead of a fan grid (just because the electronic store didn't had one left).

I bought this SD card from SanDisk, because it was the cheapest of them all with 32GB in the store.
The R-Pi cannot read much faster than 20MB/s, so it's unimportant if you use a super fast UHS SDHC card or a normal one. Just make sure it has Class 10 and all should be fine, since these cards are backward compatible.

The power adapter has 1,2A and 5V. Enough for a R-Pi.

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