My top 4 motivational films

Sometimes I have a lack of motivation. I'm very proud about what I've reached in my life so far. And I'm deeply grateful about all the good things which happened to me. But still there are moments when I'm reflective and the "I can do it" feeling is nearly gone.

"I want to have so much money, that I don't have to care about money anymore".
In most cases the reason of a motivational lack for me is money. I'm only at the beginning of my career and not getting "the big money". That means, that every little accident causes a huge impact on my bank account.

In those moments, a good film, a song or even a book can bring back my motivation. That I can believe again, that someday I don't have to be that fussy with my money anymore.

So here are my top 4 motivational films:

The Social Network, of course. As a web developer, this is a film which lets me not only dream about getting inconceivable successful with what I do. It lets me believe, that it actually is possible.

The Pursuit Of Happyness, because it shows me, that if I do all my best and if I really work hard for my personal goals, I can reach them, even though when the life isn't sunny every day.

The Company Men, because it brings me back to earth. Although you have a great job and everything seems to be fine, you can loose anything, anytime. So on the one hand, I'm thankful for all what I have. And on the other hand, even if it doesn't looks good sometimes, I should not be down in the mouth.

The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty. That film surprised me. It's not actually the deeper sense. It's more that I want to do it like Walter Mitty someday and spontaneous travel travel around. And I like the song's and how it was made. It's a lovely film which just makes me smile and forget demotivating thoughts.

Don't lose your goals.