my Toolbox


Macbook Air 13". I'm not an Apple lover in general, but for my job a Macbook makes my life a bit easier.
- Macbook wired Keyboard
- Second Screen
- Some Smartphones
- Some Tablets

Atom Editor
I started using Atom instead of Sublime Text 2 because of the Git implementation and a better package manager.

After several years I finally switched from Firefox to Chrome as my first Dev Browser because finally the Chrome inspection tool is better than Firebug.
- Chrome
- Firefox
- Safari

Version Control
- Git. I also worked with SVN, but Git is much better, end of the story.
- Tower2 is a really nice GUI Git client
- BitBucket is where I upload my repositories. Why? Because of unlimited private projects!

- Transmit4, so far the best FTP client for me. I used cyberduck for years, but it wasn't as smart as Transmit
- Mamp
- Ghostlab offers you a very easy way to synchronize your web project on all your devices
- Photoshop, of course!
- Ruby, I can work with ruby and ruby on rails, not as good as I do frontend, but I can do it!
- NodeJS, ironically I'm not as deep into JS (backend) development as I (maybe) should be as a frontend developer (side note, I don't think that a frontend developer is the same as an javascript developer). I only use NodeJS for stuff like Grunt, Gulp and other things which requires NodeJS.
- Digitalocean, I'm not a specialist in server stuff. But since I played around with my raspberry pi, I'm able to deploy my projects (nodejs, rails, pure html). And the guys from Digitalocean really made my life easier with their product!
- Tyme is a neat time tracking tool for Mac and iOS.
- Hipchat (for some clients)